Experience Design

A fine blend of past work in product design, user experience, and strategy.

National Geographic Channel - Product UX
National Geographic Channel product experience consulting lead.
Bowlmor Digital Play
Bolwmor Digital Play Concepts
Netflix - Advanced Interaction
10FT UI R&D interaction design for future consoles.
Netflix - Gesture Control
Netflix Xbox Kinect 10FT UI R&D on gesture experience.
Marriott ID17 Branding
Marriott Innovation Days 2017 event branding.
BlackJet UX and Design.
dCS 30th Anniversary Branding
Celebrating the past and future of dCS.
Association of American Medical Colleges Student Hub
AAMC.org/students redesign.
Merrill Datasite Product Design
Merrill Datasite product redesign.
Select logos designed by Alexander Hsiao.
Gannett NowU
Gannett Venture startup - NowU.
American Red Cross
American Red Cross Training Certification user flow. Responsive design.
Divx Virtual Queue
Digital media convergence R&D case study for Divx.
Printed Typographic Explorations
Collection of printed work.
dCS Hardware Interface
dCS flagship Vivaldi interface design.
dCS branding
Metri Holliday
Metri Holliday Branding and Logo.
Quicken.com Rebrand
Quicken.com Rebrand/Redesign.
Carousl iPhone App UX/UI, Branding project.
CriticalPast.com design. PC Magazine Website of the Year 2010.
LastPass Rebrand
LastPass rebrand/design.
Ask a Tax Expert by TurboTax
TurboTax Ask a Tax Expert Branding. Character illustration by Spence Snyder.
TurboTax Mobile Help Center
TurboTax Mobile Help Center.
Sitters.com branding, ui/ux, web design.
Discovery Web Media Player
Discovery web media player.
Discovery iPremiere Interactive Experience
Media browsing and viewing experience for Discovery properties.
Aol China
AOL China branding and product design.
Aol Product Design. Circa 2000-2006
Aol flagship client design concept. Circa 2004.
Aol Media Player. Circa 2003
Aol Media Player, circa 2003.
Only on AOL | Membership Card Campaign. Circa 2001
Only on AOL membership card campaign. Branding and card design.
The Integrity Institute Dashboard
Integrity Institute Dashboard Design.
WashingtonLife.com website rebrand, redesign.
Policy DC Restaurant Branding, Website.
Zianni International Expressions
Zianni International expressions for web and video.
Graphite Sketches. Circa 2000
My collection of sketches from 1995-2000.
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